Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Official Blog Post

Hello to all of my visitors :) This is my first of many posts I will be making in the future on my newly constructed blog page. I hope that those of you who are reading this share the same addiction to beauty and makeup products as I do, and are ready to all learn together. My addiction started out just about a year ago, so I'm not like those beauty gurus on youtube, or those on the top of the google hit list who have had training and years in the makeup field. Though I do know a lot about makeup from reading books, viewing other blogs and videos, and just experimenting with my growing collection, I learn something new everyday. I hope that my blog is a place where you will frequently visit for some tips and tricks on how to feel and look beautiful, ways to have fun with your makeup, while also feeding your addiction of course. I've got a lot of ideas on future posts which will be up soon!

Well that's all for now! Thank you so so much for visiting my blog, and I would greatly appreciate before you leave if you could leave a comment below this post just so I get to know who is reading it and how you feel. Eventually I would love the comments section to turn into a forum where anyone can share their own ideas. Thanks again!


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