Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lovely Glitter Eye Shadows

A request via my Facebook was sent to me a few days ago from the wonderful Cynthia. She had just picked up some glitter eye shadows from Victoria Secret and needed a little guidance. First off, thank you so much Cynthia for sending me this question, and I hope that this post is helpful!

Glitter eye shadows can come in many different forms, from regular pressed eye shadows, to loose eye shadows or pigments, to cream formulas. No matter what form of glitter eyeshadow you are using two things should always stay constant. (1) Always use an eye shadow base. My personal favorites would be Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay's primer potion, NYX Jumbo Eye pencils, or MAC paint pots. All provide a great sticky base for the eye shadows to adhere to. (2) When using particularly powdery shadows, or loose glitter shadows, though it may seem weird, apply the eye makeup first. That way while applying the eye shadow if some falls out onto the cheeks, it can easily be brushed away with a large powder brush or with a makeup remover wipes. And then the foundation and any other face products can be applied on a clean canvas.

Now on a less serious note, glitter eye shadows are first and foremost so much fun! A light sweep of a glittery shadow with a darker matte shade in the crease, some eyeliner and mascara creates a wearable daytime work/school appropriate look. Yet on the other hand, if you pack an intensely glittery shadow all over the lid, with either a black or dark brown in the crease and some smugged on the lower lash line with of course eye liner and tons of black mascara you have a perfect night time/"going out" look.

Another way I love wearing glitter is as liner. I'll first place a matte shadow all of the lid, just as a base color and then line my eyes with a liquid eyeliner (sometimes even wing it out for a retro look) My favorite liquid liner is L'oreal Linear Intense in Carbon Black. Then while the liner is still a bit wet, I use an angled eyeliner brush dipped into the glitter shadow and press it on top of the line I had just made. I finish off by curling my lashes and applying some mascara. This look is fun to pair with a nude or light pink lip during the day and something deeper for night time.

I hope this inspired you to experiment with some glitter eye shadows. Remember to always have fun with your makeup! And to never give up while experimenting with new colors or textures of eye shadows. I hope this was helpful and if there are any questions please just leave some comments below. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you're having a great day.

With Love: Nicole :)

P.S. The Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Urban Decay Primer Potion can be found at both Ulta and Sephora, while NYX is found in Ulta and some drugstores including Harmon Discount. MAC can of course be found at MAC stores and also online at L'oreal is also sold at a wide variety of drugstores ( CVS, Riteaid, Walgreens, Harmon etc.)

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